Animal Photography and Taking Photos in the Great Outdoors

Photographing animals can be a wonderful experience, and the photographs themselves will help you to remember it for years to come. It really is a skill in itself to be able to photograph animals well, so here are some tips from our expert photographers:

  • The most important thing is patience. Animals come and go, and will rarely pose for that perfect photograph. You may need to dedicate hours of your time to sitting and waiting for an elusive animal to come along.
  • Put your camera onto quiet mode. If you have a digital SLR, it may still make a noise but this should help to disguise that.
  • Take a good zoom lens. If you can’t see the animals that you are photographing properly, the photos just aren’t going to turn out that well. Even if you zoom in afterwards, the image is likely to be blurry. A zoom lens is perfect for photographing all kinds of animals.